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Часто задаваемые вопросы

  • Are your products made in the U.S.?
    Eyllek products are developed and produced in a local manufacturing facility in Texas that has been in business for 28 years.
  • What is the shelf life of the products?
    Shelf life is indicative and based on optimal storage conditions. Store both opened and un-opened products in a cool dry place for best results. Once opened, the product should have a lifespan of approximately up to six months.
  • When is the best time to apply the scrub?
    Eyllek products can be used both morning or night. Both have shown to be beneficial.
  • Are the products available in stores?
    Eyllek products are currently available for purchase online only.
  • Do the products contain components obtained from sources that involve cruelty to animals?
  • Do your products contain any nut oils?
  • How soon can I expect my order?
    For U.S. Orders: We primarily ship through UPS. After shipping, please allow another 3-4 business days for your order to arrive. For International Orders: Please allow up to four weeks for your order to arrive after shipping. Usually it will arrive sooner, but customs departments do have the right to hold items and there is not much we can do about this. Also, we do not pay for anything to be released from customs to you. Optional: ​ For more information regarding our shipping/returns policy for both US and international orders, please refer to our Order Shipping & Returns page.
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