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Rejuvenate. Revitalize. Renew.

Your Most Valuable Possession is Your Skin .

The story of Eyllek Skincare starts with its founder and creator, Kellye Stephens, who spent a decade working in the healthcare industry. Being health conscious and having a life-long love of skin care products, she was concerned about the lack of a perfect cruelty-free and luxury natural skin care product that would help the skin function more youthfully. In her line of work, she has seen women of all ages affected by autoimmune reactivity from their skin care products. She was inspired to create safe and effective skincare products. This led to the creation of Eyllek Skincare, designed to serve the skin care market with advanced natural products. Kellye assembled a team of talented chemists who shared her vision of creating an exclusive luxury line of clean skin care products, and a new skincare line was born.

Exude Confidence and Glow with a Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Eyllek Skincare is committed to providing luxurious natural skincare products around the world by developing solutions that promote optimal skin health. The high concentration of natural oils in Eyllek Skincare hydrates skin for a natural glow, while ceramides protect the skin barrier from outside irritants. These products also contain nourishing plant extracts, algae extracts, exotic oils, vitamins and shea butter are ingredients that rejuvenate, revitalize and renew for naturally beautiful skin.

Innovation in Ingredients and Manufacturing

Inspired by a knowledge of the natural biological processes that occur in healthy skin, we work closely with chemists to develop innovative products, using the latest research and highest-quality natural ingredients. We understand the need for cruelty-free skincare products that are formulated using thorough research, lab testing and scientific formulation. Eyllek Skincare products are made in a manufacturing facility in Texas with stringent quality controls following FDA regulations to ensure safety, efficacy and stability. Our products are multi-functional, and hypoallergenic, with a refreshing, clean fragrance ideal for both women and men. We are proud to have a “Leaping Bunny” approval.

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